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Welcome to the Black Hills Industrial Minerals and Mines Database

Quick Guide

Mines Database

First, select one of the six criteria to search on. If choosing the site name (text), type the Site name or part of the Site name that you would like to search for. When using this search, the database will look for any Site Name entries including the entered word. For example:

A search for tin will find "Tin Hill", "Cowboy Tin", as well as "Sitting Bull".

This works very similarly for the commodity text search. If desired to find all gold deposits, typing gold in the commodity text search would return all results containing gold.

Otherwise if searching on any other criteria, select the term from the drop down box. Any entries that are missing may be searched for by selecting "Not Available".

Clicking "Go" will search the database. If your search returns results, the results will be shown in table form. Clicking on "Detail" will show full detailed information. You may sort these results by Name, County, and Status. It defaults to Name, ascending. By clicking on a column once, it will sort that column ascending. Clicking it again will sort descending, and so on. Results are paged at a default of 15 results per page. To change this, select the "View [15] records per page" drop down box and change the [15] to a different number. You may page through the records by selecting Next Page and Previous Page.

Selecting the "Print" option under the results will open a new window with all results in a tabular form. Selecting the "Save" option will open a new window to a tab delimited text document to save the search results. This data may be opened into a spreadsheet program or saved for later use. The data is sorted by the last sort used.


Minerals Database

The minerals database works the same as the Mines database. First select a criteria to search on from the drop down boxes. Choose a term to search for in the second box and click Go. Because the minerals database is much smaller, there is no paginating of data or Print/Save options. If there is only one result for a search, it will immediately show the detail rather than loading the table of results. Otherwise you must click "Detail" to view the mineral information.